IES La Puebla is a public Secondary Education High School located in the muncipality of Vícar, in an an agricultural area specialized in greenhouse cultivation. The population of Vícar is multicultural since we have a large number of immigrants from Europe and other continents in the world. IES La Puebla offers numerous programs varying from regular Secondary Education for teenagers, a plurilingual program (French, English and Spanish), Vocational programs on ICT, air conditioning and heating and Secondary Education for adults in blended learning as well as in regular attendance programs. 

      The immigrant and/or  disadvantadged students receive, on a regular basis, special guidance and assitance in order to help them in the process of adaptation to the Spanish Education System or to overcome any other possible difficulties.

      IES La Puebla offers  Secondary Education services for adults in blended and regular attendance programs. Besides, the staff involved in the project specializes in ICT, blended education through Moodle (which is of great importance in the context of this project) and is also highly qualified in key subjects such as English as a Foreign Language and other subjects relevant to the adult education curriculum. 

      The multicultural and plurilingual scenario at IES La Puebla provides a unique environment for the implementation of this project, which involves collaborative learning in an intercultural and virtual environment.
In addtiion to this, the staff at IES La Puebla is also knowledgable in the field of project management, project coordination and European cooperation due to previous participation in European projects. As a consequence of this, the participating teachers are also familiar with the education systems and policies in other European countries, which will be very valuable for a project like this one, which aims for the creation of a transnational adult school.