Vocational Training Center at London College Dublin Ltd was founded in 2009 as a training organization which provides vocational training in 10 professions, in 11 specialties and is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (National Agency) № 200912784 into its seat and registered office in Sofia. We are not in disadvantaged area, in our center there aren't participants at risk of social exclusion, migrants and refugees.
The mission of the Centre: Provision of training services to achieve greater professional suitability, competitiveness and motivation of students in VTC, high employment and personal fulfillment in accordance the needs of the labor market, the Bulgarian and European labor standards. Provision of conditions for initial and continuing vocational training, upgrading the vocational training for students over the age of 16, to improve their chances for realization of the labor market or to organize their own business. Promoting the VTC to London College Dublin as a leading organization in the field of vocational training by providing high quality training, introduction of innovative approaches of training, the use of alternative learning approaches for the integration of disadvantaged persons and compliance with national and European standards.
Reasons to participate in this project are:
• cooperation in the development of materials containing directions to new approaches and methodologies, materials for online education and training
• exchanging experience between partners in vocational education and training in order to implement good  practices in the center
About us the subject of this project is a good opportunity to give students a chance to: 
• expand their professional knowledge and skills through innovative teaching methods;
• create a professional culture and the pursuit of professional improvement in order have mobility as a successful future workforce;
• get continuing formal and informal learning;
• develop skills for making decisions related to professional realization;
• be confident of using language in practical situations;
• create social contacts in a multinational environment;
• provoke their interest in the culture of the partner countries.
We are convinced that only competent and capable young people, who work in terms of creativity, collaboration and partnership, will be ready for social development so as to improve their quality of life in Bulgaria, as full citizens of the Eandards.