IIS Ipsia ITI "E. Aletti" is found in Trebisacce, in Calabria in South Italy. Students have different backgrounds and belong especially to broken, underprivileged  families. Many are migrants coming from  Europe, Africa . Parents’ income is below average , unemployment is widespread and for many students  dropping out is a necessity to help the family budget. There are 630 students attending four fields of study: "services for enogastronomy and hotel hospitality",  " services for the maintenance and technical assistance"   "industrial production and craft” and the “social-health care”  course. We are also ECDL test centre .
Our  priority is to set fruitful collaborations with the working world and business sector in order to manage  students’ learning in a work-related learning context which aims to strengthen the ties of educational institutions with the working world, empower students by giving them the chance to experience the business directly in the company. This is the most complete experience since they become the protagonists and are required to demonstrate responsibility.
 Our school has set forty agreements with the territory for each field of study. Nowadays we have more students  attending the enogastronomy course since it enables them to find a job more easily in the service industry. An enogastronomy course and ECDL as well , are offered to adults that dropped school or are at  risk of exclusion  to acquire certified competences in order to get better jobs in restaurant business where  language and ICT skills are required. Many want to start their own business. Our Educational Formative Plan  is the synergistic action of all components of education aimed at enhancing and exploit , consistent with the trends of education and training in European education systems, students’ educational success and lifelong learning.
We have been certified by The Ministry of Education( MIUR)  as a quality school as a matter of fact we are
a CAF for MIUR Institution
We hold seminar  on inclusive didactic  and didactic of immigration
As quality school we work on and submit entry test as well as on  evaluation, monitoring
We submit students of the 1st and 2nd year course INVALSI TEST (national level) to certify competence in Italian and Maths
We realize theater pièces  on  national and local history  with other schools of the territory
We have a history workshop
We work on Museum Didactic   (Province  Project) with all the schools of the Province
We  organize  works on Memorial day  (photos exibitions, videos, poems ) and   school trips to concentration camps ( in Italy, abroad)