The high-school is located in Bucharest. We have been functioning since 1966. We have a number of 1244 students this year, and we offer day classes, evening classes, professional school classes and reduced frequency classes. Our team is made of 69 teachers, 36 non-teaching personnel and 14 auxiliary personnel Due to our location at the periphery of Bucharest, we receive students from the small cities and villages close by and offer them to stay in a modern boarding school. Our school has been recently renovated and we offer modern classrooms, 2 ICT laboratories, a new outdoor artificial football pitch and a cafeteria.
Our main aims are:
 -to offer specialized preparation in the special field studied in our high-school related to cars: car mechanic,  food and service and  IT for both teenage students and adults.
 - to offer certified papers in order to prove their knowledge and an opportunity to practice what they learn  during the  school years in car services found by our school
 - to offer a good quality education for our  students  and after graduation a place of work
 Due to the large number of students nowadays  that  choose to work instead of coming to school and consequently abandon   school,  our institution focuses on avoiding this situation.
We try to offer both theoretical and practical courses for our students in order to guarantee them good knowledge for a good job in the car field.  Whether they specialize in car
 mechanic, car service or IT we try to offer them after graduation a job, so as to avoid skipping courses and giving up school.
We have participated in numerous national and international projects and partnerships trying all the time to increase the quality of our education and to offer our students new ways of discovering knowledge. Our teachers are continuously preoccupied with improving by means of participating in the LLP training sessions like Comenius or study visits.
We have a vast experience with adult education of over 20 years. Our school has 8 classes for evening studies (155 students) and 5 classes for reduced frequency studies (88 students). The age of our adult student varies from 18 to 45. As far as gender is concerned 55% of the students are men and the rest women. A statistics made according to the environment our adult students come from, shows that 40% live in the rural area of villages around Bucharest, while the rest live in the city.
 The key persons involved in the project have the following skills and expertise:
Gaspar Florentina - headmaster of "Iuliu Maniu" Technical College for 10 years and teacher-trainer of ISMB (Bucharest School Inspectorate) with a vast expertise in adult education and training courses like Leonardo, Comenius, POSDRU.
Marina Mihai - English teacher for 8 years and educational counselor at "Iuliu Maniu" Technical College for 3 years, member of the Administration Board and responsable with the Form Master Comittee of the School and the Students' Frequency Comittee of school.She is constantly trying to involve students in new international projects in order to improve not only their English, but also their communication and ICT skills they sometimes lack. In oder to study ways in which other countries manage to do this she received a grant for a Study Visit in Granada, Spain with the LLP programme in 2013 called “Improving Vocational Education through ICT and Language Skill Development”