Our school is located in the center of Kayseri which is very close to Cappadocia Region (60 Kms). We have 1650 pupils and 130 staff at our school. We are proud of having a Quality Management Certificate (K-Q TSE ISO EN 9000).
There are some students who are at the age of formal education that have to leave school because of being unsuccessful in completing their year with the correct grades, after two unsuccessful attemps, or having some financial problems. These studnets feel unsuccessful themselves, that they are behind the society and also feel incomplete.
Vocational open education high school gives them a chancem and face-to-face training practices are given by our school. The diffculty seems to be that our teachers have some problems teaching and motivating them, since the students have no desire to learn and moreover thay are unhappy because they feel that society has stopped caring for them. So, by inspecting the methods in EU countries and with the cooperation of each others help, our teachers can improve themselves and hence give these students a better quality education. Ultimately, the students will be well-educated and well-prepared to begin their new professional lives and will have better job opportunities.

In our School the adult students studying in information technologies department specializing not only on computer sciences but also on media softwares and video editing &preparation tools such as Corel Draw,Publisher,Photoshop,After effects, illustrator etc. Additionally they learn how to design web pages for press and media enterprises. As Depatment personel, we have enough competences and experiences about foreign languages and  taking responsibility in international projects.
This project will give students the opportunity to explore how a project affects people individually and in groups with regards to freedom of opinion and and how our worldview is shaped.
The focus on social sciences will provide knowledge about european social structures and living conditions of people based on individual, group and societal level in several european regions.