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         The main result is the creation of a fully operational transnational adult school, that is to say, a real school, full of activity and school life, with real students and real teachers, with real administrators and instruction programs.  In accordance to this the results can be listed as:
- School space: The first result will be the creation and design of a virtual school by means of the Moodle platform. There will also exist a physical space at each institution, a logo and a motto.
- Administration: All the TASP administrators will have a virtual office where they will develop their daily activities. The results of this will have an impact on the positive involvement of the participants, the teamwork, and the creation of long-lasting bonds.
- Departments: The departments will create and post teaching materials, resources, teacher´s guide and activities for the students in each course. These departments will be organized as any other school department, that is to to say, there will be teachers working together and a dean for department coordination.
- Research: Each department will conduct research by means of qualitative (direct observation, feedback, etc.) and quantitative (questionnaires). The result of this will be the improvement of the teaching and learning processes by determining the best practices and the students´satisfaction to prevent education abandonment.
- Students work: The students will receive unique instruction and guidance from teachers in many countries. They will also work in a cooperative way with students in many countries in each course and by means of the students association.
- School fieldtrips: As any ordinary school, there will be fieldtrips which will take place during the transnational meetings. The ultimate result will be the better understanding of the TASP curriculum and activities, as well as the exchange of practices and experiences among the participants.
- Workshops: There will be workshops, especially  during meetings, but also if there are any courses with workshop format.
- TASP Archives: The school will produce numerous documents that will be posted in a special department created on Moodle. These documents will include basic regulations, curriculum, reports, agreements, brochures, etc.
-  Training: Students and teachers will receive the necessary training on the use of new technologies, especially Moodle. The teachers will also have their own training department with useful materials and resources to improve the teaching and learning process.
- Cooperation and forum discussion: The teachers in a cooperative way and will exchange best practices and relevant information by means of forums, meetings, etc. in order to prevent drop-outs.
- Shared responsibility: The TASP staff will work as a transnational team where the responsibilities are shared at all levels.
- Interdisciplinarity and Interculturality : All the activities implemented will have an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach. The transnational meetings will be of key importance in this respect because they will supplement and sustain this approach during the whole project.
- Counselling: The students will have a counsellor in order to receive guidance, also to prevent drop-outs and provide  useful information in regards to their present/future education, with an emphasis on European issues.
- Collaborative work of the students: The students will be involved in collaborative activities such as glossaries and other activities.
- Institutional events: The school life will be marked by a series of events from the TASP foundation event taking place at the beginning of the project to the closing event taking place at the end.
- Graduation: The expected result of any school is the students graduation. The TASP students will receive a certificate of participation  at the end of their studies and will have a virtual yearbook on Moodle. The main result will be the experience and competences acquired by the students thanks to an innovative and transnational school program.
- Dissemination: Meetings with other institutions, press releases, brochures, TASP materials such as stationery, etc. which will be used not only for the school activities but also for dissemination purposes. The final expected result is the continuation of this idea not only in adult education but also in other fields.
- ICT and Multimedia: A variety of multimedia will be generated during the project and will be used for teaching, learning and dissemination. As a result, the students will acquire skills and competences on new technologies that will be very useful at a professional and personal level.
- Virtual Yearbook: The participants will post pictures as a way of school yearbook.
- Project assessment: This will be implemented during the whole process and  will consist of assessment rubrics, satisfaction questionnaires, reports  and feedback from the participants and other stakeholders.



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