IES La Puebla, the coordinating partner, has selected the project partners so that all the fields addressed by the project are fully covered by organizations with experience and expertise. Most of the partners were selected either

a) because there has been a previous cooperation where these partners showed good quality work in topics relevant to the project;

b) because the organizations are well-known in their field of work and have a long-standing reputation and results;

c) because they have been highly recommended by reliable partners and the subsequent contact/cooperation with us has been fluent and successful.

     We have also included one organization that has not been involved in previous strategic partnerships projects or Erasmus+ projects. This way, the coordinator has taken into account the following aspects:

  • Verdiblanca is one of the oldest organizations for people with disabilities in Andalusia. Founded in 1979, they have a staff of over 500 and work for the integration and normalization of people with disabilities by offering adult education programs, among many other services.
  • PoliProekt is an adult education provider that offers numerous courses, such as ICT and others. The staff does research on E-learning, Content Management Systems, Social and Semantic Web, Virtual Learning Environments, Digital Repositories and Natural Language Processing.
  • University of Hannover. The research group AGORA, from the university of Hannover, focuses on Educational Sciences, Sociology of Education, Civic Education, European Union Studies, Gender Studies, etc. They have a great variety of research papers in the field of Education.
  • Association LODOS organizes training courses for adults in the field of education, culture and sports. They also offer logopedic/speech therapy services which will be valuable when recording the videos and making the materials accessible.
  • Europole (Polo Europeo della Conoscenza) is a permanent network of schools (4,000 at a national level), with adult education centers, third-age universities, cultural associations, etc. They implement "umbrella activities" that involve the largest possible number of institutes. These activities include Information Technology, in-service training for teachers and activities aimed for preventing and fighting xenophobia and social exclusion.
  • Centrum pro Komunitní práci Severní Morava, NGO for social innovation and entrepreneurship. Their work is oriented mainly on socio-economically disadvantaged/rural areas in Education. They offer training in order to improve the skills of the participants to increase their chances of getting into the labour market, etc.
  • Ljudska Univerza is a national award-winning organization for their work in European cooperation. Also a previous partner, they work in many different fields, including adult education and third-age universities. They have experts in andrological strategies.
  • Colegiul Iuliu Maniu, also a previous partner. They have experience in the implementation of the transnational adult school prototype where they showed quality work, especially on the virtual implementation of the school.
  • Utenos Svietimo Centras is a teacher training center that has also been a partner in the previous project. They offer all kinds of training for teachers and they did a great work in the project providing useful and relevant training to all the participating teachers.