As part of University of Hannover, the overall aim of the Research Group AGORA Civic Education is to enable both young people and adults to acquire key skills and competences necessary for active citizenship and participation at all levels of social and political life. The research group offers a wide range of teacher in-service and induction trainings covering all aspects of citizenship education in teaching and learning. The trainings are offered on university-level as well as on national and European level.

     The Research Group AGORA has a strong record in developing innovative approaches to teaching and learning, including various projects that apply, adapt and test – in concrete learning situations tools and policy approaches. We have a lot of expertise in the development and implementation of curricula, of national and international trainings and workshops for teachers and educational staff as well as in the development of educational materials and textbooks on civic education issues. Project expertise includes the development and coordination of several Erasmus plus Strategic partnership projects.

     Leibniz Universität Hannover has coordinated or participated in 117 projects within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of which 10 are ERC Grants and to date more than 40 projects in Horizon 2020 (2 ERC Grants). Third party funds in 2016 had been more than100 million Euros.
AGORA is part of the Leibniz Universität Hannover , its operational and financial procedures as well as monitoring mechanisms are carried out by professional administrators already experienced with administrating European projects. All administrators and project manages involved are professional staff of Leibniz University and will ensure that planning and monitoring procedures are in place and will be strictly adhered to. This again makes sure that AGORA meets all its targets and objectives in a timely fashion and within the set budget.

     The Leibniz University of Hanover enrolled around 25.000 students. The university staff comprises 2930 research and teaching staff, of whom 321 are professors, it has 1810 additional employees in administrative functions.

     The AGORA is part of the university and consists of about 14 researchers and practitioners who focus on identifying and developing the integration of the European dimension in teaching and learning. The staff consists of PhD-students, Post-Docs, Teachers, Professors.