The National Network of Educational Institutions for Pedagogical Research and Innovation in Europe (European Pole of Knowledge), born in 1998, is a 'Permanent Network of schools' - PIC 903673632, a non-profit public body administered by the Institute Bosco Chiesanuova - which at national level includes about 4000 educational  organizations including Universities, Adult education Centres, regional administrations, vocational training schools, cultural associations, sports, non-profit organizations, cooperatives and schools of all levels and they deal with social integration - pedagogy, and education at national and European level. Its main activities are to promote the European dimension of education, integration and cooperation through European and extra-European projects and networks, workshops, seminars, conferences and partnerships. The European Pole of Knowledge designs and implements 'umbrella activities' that involve the largest possible number of institutes in the network. Europole - acronym of the Network - (European Pole of knowledge) is active in every field of education, from information technology to in-service training for teachers, from projects for kindergartens to adult education sectors, in prison and in rural areas. It is also from its birth strongly involved against all  forms of social exclusion, in fight against xenophobia and racism, facilitating the overcoming of gender stereotypes between different cultures and religions. It also deals with the training of students and the fight against early school leaving, the intercultural and professional learning of disabled people. Network experts work with students at risk of social and cultural exclusion: including  immigrants, refugees, dropouts and with separated parents in extreme situations. For 10 years he has been involved in projects against bullying and cyberbullying. The school network is also involved in the search for innovative strategies for employment, educational robotics and human rights. The European Pole of Knowledge includes and collaborates with other national networks: the Robotics school of Genoa, the CNIS for teachers specialized for the disabled people and the network of schools without rucksacks. It also coordinates 2 European networks (funded by the European  Commission) TTTNET for the innovative techniques of teaching mathematics, science and IT, Prosocial Value a network of European partners that use games and educational  robotics to promote the values prosocial such as: empathy, solidarity, sharing, respect for the environment, etc., and is a partner in two other European networks funded by the European  Commission: Primedia - for the promotion and development of the use of prison media - www.pri-media .org - Netq6 for computer education for disadvantaged children aged 0 to 6 - - It is a partner of Horizon 2020 projects ProSocialLearn and Mathisis The Europole network is organized in 3 departments: Europole - University,  Europole - Adult Education and Europole - School, Youth and Sport. To his credit, since his birth in 1998, he has more than 200 approved European projects that you can consult under the link of the 'EU Projects Summary Sheet' menu. The network coordinates a national team of teachers for the Robotics account the Bullying with members of the whole of Italy for the prevention of the phenomenon in schools. It has protocols of collaboration with various institutions in the world from Russia to India.