CpKP is a transregional NGO. Operates in local sustainable development, strategies and social innovations, social entrepreneurship, SMEs creation, public participation and education with stakeholders. CpKP's work is oriented mainly on socio-economically disadvantaged/rural areas of Moravian-Silesian region. CpKP operates in the following fields:

  • Local sustainable development - CpKP provides consultation services for the preparation of local social economic development projects based on sustainability principles. For example, it  prepares development strategies; implements local development projects and activities aimed at disadvantaged groups; cooperates with public administration, SMEs and NGOs which enable the organisation to tailor projects to local conditions.
  • Public participation in local and regional development. CpKP implements public participation programmes in planning and decision-making. CpKP organises public hearings, interactive exhibitions, implements sociological surveys etc.
  • Education, supporting and strengthening of local stakeholders – CpKP organises seminars/training in order to strengthen the skills of the participants to increase their chances to be involved in the labour market.

     CpKP is NGO and we are not performing any economic activities on the market. CpKP has implemented the following EU funded projects:


  • New start for long-term unemployed - Reducing long-term and recurrent unemployment.
  • BEC - Chance for Moravian-Silesian Region - Business and Employment Cooperatives - Innovative Tool of Active Employment Policy.
  • New Prospects of Graduates from Sumperk and Jesenik Region - Support for Employment in Rural Areas through BEC methodology.
  • Business and Employment Cooperatives - Innovative Tool of AEP - employment through support in starting self-employment based on the BEC method.
  • Support for Employment in Rural Areas through BEC methodology - developing business activities in rural areas.


  • BEC2 as a Tool for Local Development - the BEC model for the unemployed as a tool of active employment policy (AEP) and local development.
  • Start Again - Foreign Exchanges for Disadvantaged Youth from Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc Region - International Mobility.
  • Centres of Socially Oriented Innovations - with partners from Spain, Austria, Portugal and UK -2012-2014.


  • Turning creative skills into sustainable businesses - KRE8R - Best practices and innovative approaches in the field of entrepreneurship education.
  • Exchange of European good practice - basic skills and key competences for the unemployed - An education module in basic skills and key competences for the unemployed and disadvantaged persons.
  • About People with People - Award for Supporting Local Democracy and NGO Co-operation -International Visegrad Fund.
  • E3-CUBE-E-learning for Common Use to the Benefit to the Enviroment (LLP).
  • 20 Years of Independence through the Eyes of People Living in Border Areas - Interreg IVA - CZSVK.

     The CpKP’s activities are aimed at both the youth and adults. CpKP is also acredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as a provider of the courses for Startup Entrepreneurs. CpKP is a Coordinator in this project due to their desire to transfer the knowledge of other partners, share best practice and bring the learning of this project into their market and to a new audience. CpKP  bring a ready-made test group to this project and want to expand the start-up capabilities of organisations they work with.