PoliProekt was founded in 1994 with a basic idea to offer non-formal courses for children and adults. The task we set in front of us is more than just educational. It is a mission through which we  create values. A mission that is dedicated to make a positive change in the lives of our fellow citizens. For more than two decades, several thousand satisfied clients recognize PoliProekt as a symbol of quality, professionalism and innovativeness.

     The actual meaning of the compound name of the company PoliProekt (a lot of projects) somehow traced the path of our activities and lead us to undertake more projects and always more complex ones. We started with courses for basic and advanced computer skills, and then we added language courses. At the same time, we organized mathematic and programming courses for elementary and high school students. In 2010, the Ministry of Education founded the Centre for adult education, and the legal frame for adult education was determined. We immediately started with the verification of accredited programs for vocational courses. At the moment we have stable development and a continuous growth of the course offer. Researches for implementation of modern methodologies for ICT  usage in the teaching process play a significant role in our present activities, for which we have implemented our own, original solutions. Since founding, several thousand candidates have attended our courses and trainings either as private individuals or as employees in private companies or public institutions. We are proud to note that our courses for basic and advanced computer skills development in the period between 1994-2007 played a missionary role in the initiating of the mass use of ICT in all segments of living in the region we cover. One of the most significant projects carried out in the period was the Macedonian Government Project from 2007 for mass computer literacy of the population. At the same time with these activities, we have a continuous cooperation with USAID, UNDP, EU, DVV, GTZ foreign embassies and regional business entities, on more than 15 projects.

     Our trainers and teachers are highly motivated professionals who care about and are dedicated to their mission to educate. That is why we pay special attention to the working conditions and their constant professional training and improvement of their individual teaching skills. Our modern, technically well-equipped, air-conditioned premises are located in the center of Stip. Our trainers have at their disposal most advanced teaching aids. When not engaged in teaching, we discuss and develop together innovative teaching methodologies.

     Our current offer in the field of adult education covers

  • Several verified vocational courses
  • Certified courses for computer skills (ECDL and Certiport)
  • Non-formal courses for development of computer skills